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Charity & enterprise

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High quality, sensible spend

We look to attract growing businesses and organisations that are established enough to need highly customised digital, but may not have city centre agency budgets. If you understand the value of ‘brand’ and think about USPs, then you need an agency that offers bespoke. Talk to us about how we could make your budget go further and make your investment in marketing work harder.

Why choose us?

Charity & enterprise

We enjoy working with charities and hard working businesses. We want to help you achieve your goals. Working on projects and causes we feel passionate about helps us to do that.

Trade rates to Not For Profit

When Not For Profit organisations work with us direct, we offer the same quality work at the same trade rates that we give to our agency partners.

We are simply an unbeatable balance of price and quality.

Ethical and successful organisations makes us tick
A small agency providing large agency quality
Approximately half as expensive as large agencies
Layers of account management aren't our style
We believe in Brand, USPs and ROI first and foremost
We have great project management skills
We're fun to work with
Fulfilling your business goals is our main driving force
We've been around since 2005

What our clients say

Asthma UK

“James and the team were fantastic from start to finish, happy to help us with any questions and really understanding of our needs as a charity. Having been through a more difficult email design and build process with previous agencies, I’m very appreciative of how easy DX Digital made it for us.”

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Open minded

Not tied to a particular system.
We use the right tools for every job...