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Brand workshops

Build a brilliant brand

We offer brilliant brand workshops that help companies devise a clear and meaningful proposition. We'll look at all aspects of 'branding' and educate the client about how 'brand' is so much more than a logo.

How it works

In order for everyone to gain a really clear understanding of a company (including the owners), we like as many people as possible to get their sleeves rolled up. We'll get right back to grass roots with a number of enjoyable tasks and exercises to really mine for gold. There'll be marker pens, post-it notes and a whole lot of coffee! Everything will be documented for future use.

Once we have the information we need, it will be a case of back to the studio with a clear rationale and time to get creative. We'll aim to develop documentation that provides clarity, confidence and clear USPs that sit well with all involved.

How long does it take?

Typically around half a day, but it depends on the complexity of your offering and the number of people involved. Our sessions are completely tailored and aim to mine for simple truths.

Our objectives are to enlighten your team, inject fresh enthusiasm and provide clear direction.

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