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JC Rathbone is an independent financial risk management consultancy. When tasked with creating their new UK & US websites, we began by gaining a better understanding of what they do and the tone that should be set. This was a task greatly helped by our many years of experience working on financial sector projects.

Over the last eight years we've been fortunate enough to have been involved in projects for names such as London Stock Exchange, JP Morgan and Threadneedle Investments to namecheck just a few. Whilst we're comfortable designing for any given application, this is an area where we have a vast body of experience to draw upon.

In terms of creative, we began by looking at the JCRA brand, how it could be refreshed, developed and re-invigorated. Initially 'mood boards' were created - a set of routes that would provide a clear direction for imagery. We settled on a group of crisp, modern shots that describe the comfortable handling of risk. These took the form of ice trekking, sky diving, abseiling and climbing. The images all had clear blue skies in common, which we felt gives off a really positive glow. We went on to produce a clean, corporate and contemporary creative concept which took the images we'd picked out and combined them with a new feeling of clean white space and modernity.

Where content was concerned, our earlier UX stages had succeeded in taking a complex body of information and reducing it to digestible chunks. We introduced accordions, carousels and clear signposting to make the information clear, concise and not at all daunting to site visitors. Navigation is uncomplicated and we had aimed for as few clicks as possible to each section.

JCRA send out regular bulletins, newsletters and market reports. We provided means for them to manage all subscriptions and segmentation direct from the website, a method that interfaces seamlessly with their database of contacts. This was just one of many ways in which we have gone on to introduce significant time-saving tools and helped to improve the overall workflow of their marketing team.

The websites also benefit from 'responsive layouts' which means that they reformat to the most sensible configuration when viewed on smartphones or tablet. At DX Digital, we always encourage clients to take a 'mobile first' approach. It's essential not to ignore mobile browsers with this relatively new audience on the verge of overtaking desktop browsing.

A combination of excellent usability, clearly categorised information and the powerful Drupal CMS, allowed us to provide our client with an extremely valuable marketing tool. The client is now able to manage the site content themselves, having benefited from the training we provide as a matter of course.

DX have provided a fantastic service for JCRA in developing our new website. They have been extremely helpful and responsive and they managed to meet all of our requirements in our brief whilst adding creativity. We are extremely happy with the service that they have provided and we would recommend them to any company who are looking for a web developer.

SMcK, Marketing Manager