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Awesome Walls are the UK and Ireland's foremost providers of indoor climbing centres. They provide an experience that's second to none, allowing climbers of all ages and abilities to practice their skills and push themselves to the limit in a safe, convenient environment.

Awesome Walls approached us to overhaul their brand and create a new website that's befitting of the truly awesome experiences they offer. DX met and consulted with Dave, the group owner, and immediately identified a need to create something that would overshadow the many and various incumbent logos and styles that were evident all around their centres.

On our first visit, we counted at least 6 incarnations of the Awesome Walls brand. There's something quite nice and eclectic about this so we didn't want to wipe it out altogether. It shows the rich history and experience of the centres. It reminded us a little of the heady days of yore when bands had great t-shirts and a slightly revised identity for each album. It left you wondering what's around the corner and itching to get hold of a rarity.

However, back to present day, the DX mission was clear. We wanted to clean up Awesome Walls and box off the old brands as collectors items. Any new brand would need to be bold: climbers must identify with it and it should leave them in no doubt of which brand is 'the current brand'. With many centres and numerous applications, it was a hope too far that all remnants would be wiped out in an instant. This is a slow burner that will seep into the very core of Awesome Walls over time.

Awesome Walls laptop Awesome Walls smartphone

The logo and colour palette we came up with is modern and fresh. It works beautifully on black or white. The black and red colour scheme is exactly where a climbing centre needs to be. It shouts 'outdoorsy', 'adventure' and is a little bit extreme (it worked for the A-Team). We took the brand a step further by colour coding each of the centres.

This project is typical of how a logo provides a starting point. Once we have it in place, the story just begins to unravel. The website is an extension of the same style, with jagged rocky edginess. Our photo shoot at each centre gave us fresh assets to work with. Many of the shots we'd seen prior to this had been used so many times that they were starting to get stale. We took a fresh approach: close up shots of holds and walls that show off vibrant colours and interesting textures. These provide a calmer backdrop for the action shots we took.

It's apparent that the website has given Awesome Walls a real marketing boost. We've given them the ability to edit their own content, create regular competitions and monthly 'cut out and keep' vouchers. As a client they've absolutely embraced it. It's been so good to see them really understand and utilise the power of what we've given them. We've since rolled the site out to Ireland who are similarly committed to injecting the brand into anything and everything. There are few businesses we've seen that seem to spawn so many opportunities for branded items – flyers, membership cards, t-shirts, buffs, mugs, gigantic banners, scratch cards - the list just goes on.

The brand has exploded exactly how we hoped it would. The new centre in Sheffield (opened October 2013) is the icing on the cake. It has a look and feel which is perfectly in keeping with what we've created. Here at DX, we're more than a little proud to see our influence envelop the biggest and best climbing centre in the UK. We've also seen other climbing centres attempt to up their game to bring their own offering in line…not an enviable task to match something this Awesome.

Climber at Awesome Walls Stockport Climber at Awesome Walls Stockport

A phone call, a meeting and two weeks later I was presented with new ideas for a rebrand and slick new website. To push the brand of Awesome Walls forward we need an awesome company and DX Digital certainly ticked all the boxes. Thanks James and team.

DD, Managing Director