Mud, sweat and gears

Tracs - Delamere bike shop and hire

DX Digital have recently re-branded Delamere Forest's bike shop and training centre. We wanted to capture the excitement of mountain biking so looked towards the big bike brands rather than other bike shops. Logically it's bike brands that really switch mountain bikers on - any mountain biker will tell you how they salivate over their favourite MTB products. Yet paradoxically this doesn't seem to have filtered down to bike shops and trail centres. We set about changing this, and so Tracs have been able to become a first of their kind.

We've taken inspiration from stalwart brands such as Continental, Santa Cruz and Kona and applied our 'big brand' experience. Consequently we've come up with a striking new brand that really appeals to Tracs' audience. Ultimately we've been able to convey a powerful message to their customers about the type of experience, products and training they should expect to find in Delamere Forest.

Through sessions of consultation with our client, we've been able to give Tracs a fresh perspective on what they offer. Their proposition has been completely redefined and we've been able to witness the positive effect that this has had on their business. A re-brand is undoubtedly a big change that many companies will resist, but the fact is that every business needs to modernise its outward appearance in order to stay competitive. We applaud the way in which Tracs have embraced change and used it as a catalyst to assess and improve every aspect of their business. Tracs recognise their bold re-brand as the beginning of an exciting new adventure.

We've also just launched the new Tracs website. It's lively, fully responsive and completely extensible should Tracs wish to begin selling online. We've created content that reaches out to the various different user groups that Tracs cater for: not just seasoned mountain bikers but also schools, families and other businesses.

Take a look at the new Tracs website >