Awesome Walls Ireland website launch

DX Digital launch Awesome Walls Ireland website

Following on from last year's re-brand of Awesome Walls, we've now moved things along for the centres in Ireland. 

With the Cork centre having opened this month and Dublin firmly established, it was high time for Awesome Walls Ireland to make their presence known. We've built another great site in Drupal that's clearly part of the Awesome Walls brand but has its feet firmly rooted in Ireland. Much of the Ireland specific look and feel comes from the simple mechanic of inverting the brand colours. We've including fresh photography, content and some new sections. The result is vibrant and well reflects the adrenaline fuelled nature of their offering.

It's been great working with the guys in Dublin. We've proven that your digital agency needn't also be your next door neighbour. The key factor in choosing an agency, is finding people that you really connect with. Creating a website with DX is somthing that our clients enjoy, and whilst it's not always practical to meet in person, technology is bringing us all closer. 

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