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Inspiring a career in modern engineering

So what is Engineering? It's absolutely everywhere for starters. From mountain bikes to mobile phones and medicine. It's the future, and to an extent, the key to economic stability as it encompasses such a vast number of professions. Engineering UK attract young people to engineering though clever and engaging projects such as The Big Bang Fair. They open youngsters' eyes to the exciting and diverse nature of the profession, and forge high profile partnerships with global corporations who provide support.

EngineeringUK website

Our task was to depict a broad overview of the good work that Engineering UK do in the form of a new website. It should be a vessel through which EUK could demonstrate the excellent work they do, and attract more corporate members.

Through face to face meetings and Skype chats, we consulted on the needs and challenges with which they were faced. We built up a mental picture of what was required in the DX studio then translated this to User Experience design (UX). The creation of wireframes, a simple architectural means of planning a website, allowed us to ensure that we were ticking all the right boxes.  This approach enables a clear plan of action and gives substance to our ideas on navigation, layout, hierarchy of content and all important user journey.

Once the groundwork was in place, we were able to move to the creative stage. Thanks to our consultancy, planning and creative vision, we were able to confidently produce a vibrant concept. The result was clear, corporate and fresh, whilst simultaneously demonstrating the all important link to youth. We injected the excitement that had been previously absent. 


"Working with DX has been an immensely rewarding experience. Their work is incredibly creative and lives on a bedrock of very solid code which makes for a great user experience. They are incredibly responsive and are happy to go the extra mile to make a project work."

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